Dreaming About Love – The Beggining Vol 1

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The author of this book and storyteller, Sorin Robert Baicu, tells us how each and every one of us should keep a gram of our childhood innocence. Once we let that kid inside us die, we deal with real drama. We stop dreaming, hoping and last but not least, love. Being a child is pure joy, a miracle, a gift from above.
What does being a child mean?
It means to believe in beauty, to believe in love. Being a child means believing in dreams so that even elves can reach our ears to whisper good night, it means to fly with the fairies or imagine that you can even turn into one of the mystical creatures.
You can tell that the author loves the mystical world but in an unorthodox manner.
The characters involved in the story, even if they are mystical, they have their own behavioral nuances.


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