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Publish your dream with us!

Excellent Editors from Bloo Ink Publishing Limited, Flexible Publishing Packages from Bloo Ink Publishing Limited

See Bloo Ink Publishing YouTube video about different publishing packages and let us know more about you and your book manuscript:

Please tell us more about you and your manuscript


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24 Steps to publish and promote your book

1 buy ISBN
2 register the title
3 send the title to bookshops
4 send the title to book distributors
5 write the book or do ghostwrite
6 create the book cover
7 proofread the book
8 create and insert illustrations or photos in the book
9 sign copyright agreement between you and illustrators or photographers
10 send the physical book to distributors and book shop owners
11 put the book on the online retailer’s websites
12 prelaunch the book
13 offer for free some books
14 ask your book readers to put comments and recommend you in events
15 create your author website
16 create your shopping cart so readers can buy the books from you
17 create your author fan page
18 Invest in social media for your book advertising
19 create your social media author accounts
20 go to book events to present your book
21 ask for your reader for recommendations on your facebook fan page and Instagram
22 participate to book events and take some book awards
23 do e-book conversion
24 sell the e-book

Why ask for help from Bloo Ink Publishing Limited?
We do for you all these 24 steps so you don’t have to.
We save your time and help you to become a brand and an authority in your field. We market your book and e-book in every way including book fares, our online book shop and our online retailer’s accounts. Call us today on 07535 611033 or 07846 171666!

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We publish your idea!

Firstly, Bloo Ink Publishing Limited from London is a Book Publishing House which refers to first-time market entry authors, young authors, and authors looking to prospect the market using our expertise and experience in the industry, by choosing our services and marketing tools to promote their books. We offer new and modern ways to publish your idea.
Secondly, we love to help. Therefore, we also implement a marketing and management plan by having a coaching program suitable for every kind of customers. It’s not enough to offer an opportunity but to share the necessary ”know-how” you have together with your customers. Hence, by showing how can we work together, will create a piece of win-win machinery we like to call Performance.

Bloo Ink Publishing Limited is a London-based book publishing house, creative branding and graphic design agency that understands your business challenges and listen to your needs. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions for your book publishing needs, create remarkable brands and attracting websites for authors and business owners that are searching for talented and reliable professionals to manage their marketing and publishing campaigns. We offer a significant range of services, for example, graphic design services, social media marketing, printing and distribution of leaflets, business cards, pull up banners and posters for events. Also, we do ISBN registration to be able to legally market, publish, print, sale and distribute books and magazines. Business coaching and mentoring programs for Startup and Small to Medium Businesses add value to our customers. Call us today on 07535 611033 or send us a short text message!

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5 reasons to publish with us

Our motto: We publish your dream!

We believe in each of your dreams to become true. We are enthusiastic and wonderful young entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, business and coaching developers, but above all, we are a Publishing House, ready for you to imprint with us.
Therefore, please find below five strengths we consider may bring your dream into reality:

  1. Know How and Experience:
    Our Editing Director has the industry know how being in the publishing field since 2007 and during this time had learned the linked-market by having published 6 titles, more than 30 articles, editing more than 25 well-known authors in Europe and since last year in the USA as well.
    Hence, he can bring his writing and artistic experience, even as a publisher, to generate book capital for your titles, enforcing your manuscript and prepare it for a larger public.
    Here you can read about his activity:
    Dr. Radu Vasile Chialda obtains his Ph.D. degree in 2011 in Philosophy of Culture at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University and is former high school teacher and lecturer. He had his début in the anthology of „Lumen” Association: Love, light, poetry in 2013. In 2006, he becomes a coordinator, editor in chief of the social-cultural journal entitled The Avrig from Us. He collaborates with several cultural and literal journals such as: Culture – International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology where he entered in editorial staff since 2008, the journal of literature and literary experiment Feedback, the social-human sciences magazine Symposium from „Gheorghe Zane Institute of Economic and Social Researches, The Romanian Thought, publishing both literature (prose and poetry), literary critics and studies of the philosophy of culture. Also, since 2011 he is the co-founder of the non-governmental Literature Zone organization and co-editorial board adviser of the Zon@ cultural and literary journal.
    In 2007 he published his first volume of poems entitled The Jukebox with dreams, re-edited by „Lumen” Publishing House, Iasi, 2008 and with the help of A.F.C.N. – Culture Ministry Agency, in 2008 he edits as coordinator the anthology of poems To Mother…, republished as a second edition in 2014, and also in 2008 obtain a price for the poem Https or with angels on the camp at The International Contest of Poetry of the Romanians from Everywhere under the coordination of Starpress Journal. In 2009 he published together with Ramona Elena Bratu (Duna) his first volume of short prose About Angels… Gossiping! and in 2011 the second volume in French language (La causerie… Sur Les ages!) published by Xlibris Publishing House in the UK, USA and Canada, and in 2012 the Romanian version of the same title. In 2011 he was awarded first place at the first Cezar Ivanescu Poetry Festival, published in several literary anthologies, and in 2012 he published the second poetry book entitled Imaginary Apocalyptics. And finally, in 2015 has come out the philosophical studies Weak Barbarism, A Contemporaneous Axiological Mutation, published at AuthorHouse, London, UK, and the USA.
  2. Professionalism:
    We aren’t new in the market. We know the publishing sector of the book industry, therefore we can offer you a professional medium to enter in this large and fantastic world, by giving you the opportunity of 3 packages which can best describe you as an Author or your title to be published.
    Our Sales Director, Mr. Florin Carare, is a successful Business Coach and Trainer, and also a professional in every aspect of book creation and author branding. Hence, he will have a good care of your progress with us. Every step he will make gradually will involve his business expertise to help you as an upcoming author in order to grow beautifully together. His professionalism will guide you and your book through a new world. You will become with our help an authority in your field of expertise.
  3. A favorable moment:
    A few months ago I’ve read an article about what technology means for human activity, what it represents and haw can help humans to evolve in their run to new achievements. Reading this article made me realize how can new developments help in our progress. The era of computers has passed us and we expect mobiles to take the next step. The dawn of mobiles already began!
    Consequently, in this context of Snapchat and WhatsApp, Facebook and Tweeter, mobile apps are the next step in the technology progress. Even the book industry needs to adapt and accept the consequences of these improvements.
    Therefore, we consider that now is the moment to step into the light with your dream and make it public. Publish it! Make it possible through social media networking and marketing. This is the favorable moment we expected so much. A book can reach thousands of people you may not know about them, but through Social media and app technology, you may have the chance to reach millions.
    Publish with us and test our theory!
  4. English market:
    Three hundred years ago London was the very center of the world and colonized half of Globe. Today the UK’s capital is one of the most multicultural and multi-ethnic places in the world. Here are so many cults, religions, nationalities and diverse peoples. English is the most used and spoken language, therefore, the English Market seems to be the largest and the most integrated into the world. The USA is the country where it is spending the largest amount of money to buy books, but the UK appears second in this list. It is not any mistake to say that an English market helps in the process of getting known as an Author.
  5. Good prices:
    Our main competitors have established businesses in the market, some of them since almost 150 years ago, they cover altogether more than 85% of the Self-Publishing Industry, but we can overcome their strategy by having amazing, bespoke and affordable packages which are as flexible as you in order to get you published.
    Affordable prices do not mean low quality as we casually are tended to associate. All three packages: Legendary, Magic Wand, and Endless Wonders are created especially to offer enough services needed for your dream to become reality. Call us today at 07535 611033 and leave us a text message.