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24 Steps to publish and promote your book

1 buy ISBN
2 register the title
3 send the title to bookshops
4 send the title to book distributors
5 write the book or do ghostwrite
6 create the book cover
7 proofread the book
8 create and insert illustrations or photos in the book
9 sign copyright agreement between you and illustrators or photographers
10 send the physical book to distributors and book shop owners
11 put the book on the online retailer’s websites
12 prelaunch the book
13 offer for free some books
14 ask your book readers to put comments and recommend you in events
15 create your author website
16 create your shopping cart so readers can buy the books from you
17 create your author fan page
18 Invest in social media for your book advertising
19 create your social media author accounts
20 go to book events to present your book
21 ask for your reader for recommendations on your facebook fan page and Instagram
22 participate to book events and take some book awards
23 do e-book conversion
24 sell the e-book

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